Register your property free of charge


To use your property as a location could prove to be both exciting and rewarding. Besides the extra income, the status and value of your property may increase if it has been featured in magazines, films, commercials, music videos and more.


As your agent, House of Locations will proactively market your property to the photographic, TV and film industry and manage all the administration and paperwork required for the location hire. It’s free of charge to register your location. We charge commission on all hire fees.




We are constantly on the outlook for new locations in ALL kind of styles, themes or with unique features;


White interiors, colourful interiors, dark wood interiors, period, retro, vintage, shabby chic, art deco, rustic, romantic, antique, ultra modern, luxury, industrial, derelict, quirky, opulent, eclectic, grand design, colonial, New England, Scandinavian, cosy cottage feel, cabin, mansion, country house, family home, apartment, garden room, beach, swimming pool, high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, wooden floors, grey walls, purple walls, and the list goes on….


Here are some guidelines to what we look for in a location;

  • SPACIOUS ROOMS: The rooms or the main room need to be very spacious or the property needs to have a large open plan area.
  • CLOSENESS TO LONDON: The most popular locations are within London, M25 and in the Home Counties. The further away from London, the larger and more unique the location needs to be.
  • GENERAL: Areas available for hair, makeup & wardrobe and storage for equipment or props, WiFi and parking close to the location.



If you want to know more about location work or if you would like to register your location, please contact us at We will send you an information guide and a registration form. Please also send us a few photos of your property and we'll get in touch shortly to let you know if we can represent your location. Initially you can send us a few photos by email - mobile phone snaps are ok.


For locations which are going to be published in the web gallery we need good quality photos. Normally we will ask the location owner to send us photos, please see the Photo Guidelines below. For some locations we might find it beneficial to arrange professional photos to be taken.




Photos are an important part in the marketing of your location. They should give a true reflection of what your location has to offer. Clients will expect your location to look like the photos they have seen in the web gallery.


You don’t have to be a professional photographer with advanced camera and equipment to take good photos of your location. Following a few basic guidelines, it’s possible to take great interior photos, using the automatic setting on a good quality digital camera.

  • Make sure the house is clutter-free and tidy.
  • Choose a bright day for good light. However, when the sun is shining directly into the room the light can be too harsh. Morning and afternoon light might be preferable.
  • Try to turn lights in the room on or off to see what works best.
  • Take overview photos from different angles of the room, standing as far back as you can to the wall or corner. You want to capture as much as possible of the room in one photo.
  • Keep vertical lines straight, to avoid rooms or furniture looking distorted. Keep your camera pointing straight forward, don’t tip it up or down. Instead, move the whole camera up or down. Try shooting in the same height as your hips, go down on one knee or use a tripod.
  • Take a few close ups of nice, interesting features.
  • Take photos of the exterior of the house. Avoid shooting into the sun.
  • It’s good to have a wide selection of shots, so take more than you normally would. Experiment with different compositions, angles and light.


Don't reduce the file size of the photos, unless you edit and prepare the photos for web. Photos should preferably be at least 1000 pixels wide (if the photos are horizontal). Please don’t send too large files via email. You can use free file sharing services online such as We Transfer or Dropbox . Alternatively you can download the pictures on a CD and send it by post.


We will make a selection of the photos to use online. The photos will be edited before being published. House numbers and car number plates will be disguised.


Do get in touch to register your location now - we would love to hear from you!