Our aim is to help you to find the perfect location in all situations. Our locations are inspirational and practical. No matter the size of the production, we want your photoshoot, filming or television production, music video or event to be successful.


Find a location

If you have a specific brief we are more than happy to send you some suggestions of matching locations, without obligation. Or we can just bounce some ideas to help you find the best location.


Location library

It’s free to browse the location library, no registration is required. Don’t forget to pop back often, new exciting locations are constantly added to the library. Not all of our locations are included in the web gallery, so please get in touch if you can't find what you are looking for.


Other services

We can help you arrange anything from catering, travel, accommodation and permits to make your shoot a successful experience.



We have had the pleasure of working with many helpful and professional people in the industry, a few of who are listed below. August Management and Bon Bon Kids represent some of London's most talented artists; from photographers, stylists, hair & make up to illustrators and offer production services of all categories.


august management

photographic agency

bon bon kids agency

kids' photographic agency

bonnie and betty agency

model & casting agency


Amelia Staples stylist


location catering